Alam Khan: New artist

We are honoured to be working with Alam Khan on his upcoming release, Solace. Son of the legendary Sarod Maestro Ali Akbar Khan, Alam’s music promises to bring peace and beauty in this time of uncertainty.

Alam explains the concept behind the release; “Solace is something we could all use right now. In this fast paced age with more distraction than ever, people need to not forget to slow down, go inward and calm their minds.”

“My father always spoke about how this music will make you a better, more compassionate person, and would purify your soul. The older I become, with all the good and bad experiences in my mind and body that time provides, I feel the healing and transformative power of this music more than ever, and I am grateful to have it and come from the lineage of masters that I do.”

We look forward to sharing Alam Khan’s Solace with you.