New single out now: 3,14’s The Prism

3,14’s Bombyx Mori – a seamlessly crafted musical love letter addressed to the instruments of the Middle East and India, and the legacy of the Silk Road.

As the passion project of Efren López, Ciro Montanari and Jordi Prats, 3,14 draws inspiration from music across the globe – ranging from the Eastern Mediterranean through to the Middle East, North India through to Central Asia and beyond. Using sarod, tabla and rubab, this recording comes as the result of two live sessions between three masters of their respective crafts: the final product being as close as you can get to a live performance without sharing the same air.

“Conceptually, Bombyx Mori is an attempt to elevate the figure of the silk worm, a small creature that is not very much considered,” begins López. “On the other hand, the Silk Road has been a crucible of many cultures and a lot of music has been created using this concept. All the different songs in the album come from different modal music traditions – Egypt, Turkey, India, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan – and some are original creations of Jordi and myself that respects the rules and the language of the specific modal tradition in which the song is made.”

As the second single off Bombyx Mori, The Prism continues the trend of fusing traditional modalities against some of the most powerful compositions seen emerging from Spain. Delicate, improvisational plucking opens the track up before the music drifts into a soundscape of windy instrumentals and thrumming deep notes. The soft plucking flickers towards deluges of strumming but never reaches speed for more than a brief second – before subsiding into a mellow bed of soft sound. Syrupy hits of the tabla drives the bottom end of the song towards its finish, wrapping up a composition about as comfortable as warm air in late spring.

Bombyx Mori is a record of satisfying paradoxes. The interplay between instruments creates something both deeply meditative, yet fast paced at the same time. Every song grants enough breathing room for each instrumentalist to display the full range of their talents within their own light. Yet, these encapsulating displays never overshadow one another – rather they lock into the juxtaposed elements in a perfect fit. Make no mistake, López, Prats and Montanari will be recognised once again for their exceptional compositional and instrumental talents come the release of Bombyx Mori – do not miss a near-certain pick for your end of year ‘best of’ list. 

3,14’s debut album Bombyx Mori is out 2 October 2020 via Worlds Within Worlds Records.